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April 9 | 12:00 - 12:45 | 25zł

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/ from the age of 3 with guardians / 45 minutes with no break

ATTENTION! Seats are not numbered. All spectators are seated on a stage on a carpet, together with actors. Before the play all spectators have to take off their shoes.


Scenario and direction: Daniel Arbaczewski

Musical arrangement and vocal training: Bożena Chrobak

Stage design: Dariusz Panas

Choreography: Urszula Pietrzak

Assistant: Wioletta Tomica

Wioletta Tomica
Urszula Pietrzak / Gabriela Jaskuła
Bogusław Byrski
Daniel Arbaczewski

PREMIERE 23.11.2013

This is our proposition for the youngest. The Dumpling Girl takes spectators for paths, where she takes her first steps and where our small spectators have a chance to meet a bunch of animals. Each meeting with an animal is also a meeting with a song and Polish folklore. Performance is a kind of theatrical play (game), interactive theatre where the youngest spectators and their guardians have an impact on a show and its tempo. It is up to you if animals met by The Dumpling Girl let you touch them!

The Honorary Patronage of  The Tadeusz Sygietyński  STATE FOLK SONG AND DANCE  ENSEMBLE  “MAZOWSZE”.

Performance was shown on festivals in Turkey (Mardin), Finland (Kangasala) and Ukraine (Kyev) also on international festival “Maskarada” 2015 in Rzeszów.