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May 14 | 12:00 - 12:50 | 25zł

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/ from the age of 1 to 4 with guardians / 50 minutes with no break

ATTENTION! Seats are not numbered. All spectators are seated on a stage on a carpet, together with actors. Before the play all spectators have to take off their shoes.

Direction, stage design – Wioletta Tomica, Daniel Arbaczewski

Stage design consultations – Iwona Majczak

Wioletta Tomica
Urszula Pietrzak
Daniel Arbaczewski
Bogusław Byrski

PREMIERE 12.09.2015


A square next to square. And they fit to each other. The red one, the green one, the blue one, the yellow one and again the red one… Under every square there is a secret, something knocks, something makes noises. Some squares grow, live, move and shine. From some of them it rains, others bring sunshine. You can touch everything, check it, explore… and create your own story. As a completely new.


Performance „Show me your colour” is a continuation of the series for the youngest spectators and their guardians. Our youngest audience has another opportunity to sit on theatrical carpet but this time the main theme is colour and all connotation with it. Using pictures, simple words, light and sound we will test reactions of the youngest spectators while their probably first visit at theatre.