With a great pleasure and great joy I would like to share the information that the authorities of the City of Lublin have decided that after 58 years H.Ch. Andersen Theatre will change its seat –  certainly not immediately. The entire transfer process will take about two years, as the new headquarters – the building of the former Culture Centre “Kolejarz” – requires not only renovation but more than that – reconstruction.

After 58 years, we hope to receive a professional seat, with a large, spacious stage with audience for 250 spectators, suitable for disabled! We hope to make these dreams come true for better conditions for workers and spectators. There would be also a possibility to develop activities of the education programme and of cultural and artistic activities.

And even when lots of our friends and viewers cannot understand our joy of leaving the Old Town, we are the only ones, who know about  difficulties and inconveniences of work at the current seat. And if it is not noticed by you – we count is as our success. At the end, the audience comes to theatre to watch shows, not problems!

The thirteenth-century monastery and the church is the oldest preserved and most valuable team in the sacred city. The year 1575 marked the history of the monastery with a big fire. The scale of the devastation was huge. The reconstruction started in the new Renaissance style under the guidance of architect, Rudolf Negroni. In 1618, the City Council gave a permission to build larger religious buildings, and the walls surrounded the mountain on which stands the monastery. At the end of the seventeenth century it gained a form of a closed quadrangle. In 1670 the construction of the south wing basing on existing basements was made and was completed in the early nineteenth century. And today our theatre is at this place. On the 9th of October 1954 H.Ch. Andersen Theatre entered into a lease agreement for space in the building of the monastery OO Dominicans.

Currently we are working on restoring this building to its former glory and at the same time we are adapting it to the requirements of modern theatre without interfering with the structure of the monument. The auditorium was renovated in 2007. We restored original appearance by discovering beautiful, historical windows. The interior is changed and now it is dark blue with gold details. Design work is underway on adapting the room on the first floor according to fire regulations, to create the second auditorium. Upgrading to the growing needs of Theatre, renovation work carried out on the monument worthy of solicitude require huge financial outlay. Additionally audience – children imposes a huge responsibility in terms of safety. But that’s our theatre!